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Best Exercise for Heart Attack Recovery

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A heart attack is a life-threatening condition where the blood flow to the heart stops suddenly because of a blocked coronary artery. As a result of a heart attack, damage to surrounding tissue occurs immediately. Surviving a heart attack depends upon several factors including the severity of the condition. If you have survived a heart attack, you would always need to be careful about what to eat and how to maintain your lifestyle to lead a healthy life.

Post heart attack involves a lot of preventive measures as suggested by your doctor. Although you might start feeling better after a few weeks of surviving a heart attack, you need to stick to the routine suggested by the heart hospital in Delhi and must not act ignorant towards the same.

Heart hospital in Delhi suggests that it may take up to three months for a complete recovery after surviving a heart attack. This is when your doctor might give you consent to go back to work. It is also suggested to ease back slowly into your everyday routine and activity including your exercise schedule so that you don’t risk a replace of the disease.

Exercises for a healthy and quick recovery:

As long as your doctor of the heart hospital in Delhi gives you a go-ahead, you may start with an exercise program once you recover from a heart attack. Regular exercise is considered to be very important for the management of weight after a heart attack. Exercise also works on your muscles, hence it is suggested to be meticulous about the kind of exercise that you would want to pick up after heart attack.

According to the heart hospital in Delhi, any form of exercise which gets your blood pumping is known to be beneficial. When it comes to maintaining the overall health of the heart, aerobic exercises are considered to be the best option.

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Thus, you must try out these exercises to maintain the health of your heart:


Swimming is an aerobic exercise, it strengthens the heart by helping it to become larger; making it more efficient in pumping which could help in reducing the risk of any more heart problems.

Jogging and Running

Running for just ten minutes a day even at slow speeds could help reduce your risk of having a one more heart attack or stroke according to research

Brisk walking

Walking is an excellent aerobic activity that temporarily increases heart rate and blood pressure, leading to greater efficiency of the heart.


Studies have found cycling to be good for your body and mind. It is known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, slow down aging, and help in reducing weight and even stress.

These form of exercises always help you to increase the amount of oxygen that circulates in your body apart from strengthening the ability of the heart to pump through the bloodstream to the rest of your body. Apart from this, aerobic exercises also help you to reduce stress, hypertension, and your levels of cholesterol.

There are many advantages to performing exercises after your heart attack. Exercise helps you to recover better from a heart attack or other heart problems that you have been facing. Exercise also helps you to reduce the risk of more heart problems and improve your long term health.

You feel more confident, happy, and relaxed after a session of exercise. You feel more energized and positive after performing the exercise. In terms of the health of your heart, exercise helps you to manage your weight more easily, improves your cholesterol, lowers your blood pressure, and finally, manages your blood glucose levels if you are suffering from diabetes.

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Thus, it is imperative to perform exercise regularly to maintain heart health after a heart attack.


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