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How to take care of Dry Hair in Monsoon

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Oh! The monsoon is here and so all the fun of dancing in the rain and enjoying rides with friends. But in all this fun, we tend to forget that our hair becomes dry because of the weather, and they tend to fall more.

Hairs are most prone to weakness during monsoon. Special care and attention have to be given to them so that we can still click pictures with our friends in the rain. The continual soaking during the monsoon mixed with the humidity affects the quality of our hair vastly.

So, maintain the quality of our hair. Here are some tips and tricks to take care of your hair in Monsoon:-

Hair Mask- This is something which gives slow results but its results are permanent. Using homemade hair mask is the best thing for hair in monsoon. You can have a hair mask which moisturiser your hair and make them soft. Like- Banana hair mask, Avocado hair mask, Egg hair mask etc.

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Shampoo for dry hair- This is very important. As shampoo can make your hair more dry and brittle.

Always chose the shampoo which are SLS and Parabean free and have the ingredients which will nourish and strengthen your hair.  You should always choose best shampoo for dry hair.


  • Hair conditioner is a must after shampoo. It completes the whole process of hair wash. Conditioner makes the hair more smooth and soft. It locks in the moisture and nourishes your hair.
  • It helps in the frizz control and reduces the hair fall also.

Hair Serums-

  • Hair serums give the hair shine and also makes them soft. Always use hair serum after the hair wash.
  • They prevent the split ends and breakage of hair.
  • They lock the moisture in the hair and revitalizes it.
  • They remove the dryness and control frizz.

Oil Massage-

  • Always oil massage your hair a day before shampoo. Oil Massage gives nourishment to the roots and they tend to fall less.
  • Coconut oil is best for hair. But you can also try the combination of oil like Argan oil, Almond oil, and Castor oil. Try to warm the oil before massaging.
  • It boosts the moisture in your hair which strengthens the dry strands.


  • Don’t tie your hair, it will make your hair more frizzy and limper.Try to protect your hair from rain by wearing water hoodie.
  • If you wish to tie your hair, always have a loose pony or messy bun.


Chose Right Comb-

  • Use wide tooth comb to detangle your hair.
  • Wide tooth comb not only detangles your hair, but also serves as a conditioning comb.

Eating Habits-

  • Eating properly is also very important. Try to add more protein in your diet like iron, omega 3 fatty acids like salmon,walnuts, spinach and dahi.
  • Skip the junk food and drinks like caffeine and fizzy drink, they tend to dehydrate your body.

Hair wash routine-

  • Wash your hair twice In a week.
  • Make sure your hair is completely wet before you use shampoo.
  • Once they are wet, take shampoo and dilute it.
  • Apply the diluted shampoo on the hair.
  • Cleanse the scalp properly and slowly, to avoid any breakage.
  • After rinsing of the shampoo, take very little conditioner on your hand and apply on your hair.
  • Always apply conditioner on the hair not on the scalp.
  • Wash the conditioner with cold water, this helps in giving shine to the hair.

So, now you know that hair care in monsoon is not a strenuous task. With all the above tips, you can easily manage and maintain your hair in Monsoon.

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