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Top 7 Budget Friendly Ways to celebrate your anniversary

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time is something that flies fast when you are with your partner. Anniversaries mark that time and the love you both share a couple. As the years pass by, the ways of celebrating your anniversaries might exhaust, till the point that you no longer know what to do on your anniversary. Let’s not end it with having the same old dinner at your usual restaurant again. Worry no more, because these ways are here to save you from your stumped brain. They are perfectly fitting in your budget, so you don’t have to worry more about this lack of creative ideas.

1) Morning Breakfast in Coffee Shop

Lunch and dinner dates are a thing of the past now – all of the concentration is now on the breakfasts! Breakfast in bed might sound romantic, but nothing is better than a silent and simple breakfast in a nice coffee shop. An omelet, with toast, waffles, or pancakes with maple syrup, poached eggs, some parathas, tea or orange juice – there are a lot of options which you can explore in these intimate moments, before you head off to work, on your own ways.

2) Have your own personal photo shoot

You’ve always been keen on doing photo shoots, but really, never got the time. Anniversary, hence, becomes a perfect time to carry out this particular wish. Jot down some of your favorite places around town, and gear up your camera – and go wild. You can perhaps recreate your photos, or you could transform taking photos on your anniversary as a tradition, carried out over all these years. It’s undoubtedly a fun idea.

3) Bonfire and songs

You can surely arrange a bonfire for your special night. There are alternate ways to make this possible. Sing for your partner, sitting around the bonfire. If you can’t sing for them, you can always arrange for a speaker and play your partner’s favorite songs. Anniversary is supposed to be about you both, and you can always make it a bit special and a bit romantic. One of the best anniversary gift ideas that you can stumble on, this will work, surely!

4) Make an anniversary mix CD

It is quite obvious that you have some songs which are meaningful to you, or to your partner, or to both of you. Start with the beginning, and jot down the songs that are special to you both. Make a proper CD, sort of like a mixtape, and play it on your anniversary. What’s more? Stay home and dance to your heart’s content. Have some wine – because what is better than having wine on one of the most romantic nights – and share all your memories associated with the songs.

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5) Plan a rustic weekend away

If your partner is someone who loves simple, rustic things, then this idea is something you should definitely consider! Weekend or camping might sound like a great idea, but nothing is better than a trip to a village – basically somewhere where the rustic feels will be strong and recurring. Book an inexpensive hotel, hostel, or even bed & breakfast – and it will be as much fun as having in a proper, luxurious weekend! Do try it.

6) Watch your wedding video

Instead of having to argue about which movie or series to watch, why not just drop everything and stick to watching your wedding video? Your anniversary is supposed to be a loving reminder of the most special day of your life, and watching wedding video would make you relive that exact day. If you don’t possess your wedding video, you can always see any other video of your together – perhaps of a birthday, a vacation, or of any previous anniversaries you recorded together.

7) Scavenger gift hunt

Some budget-friendly way right here, you can have an exciting treasure hunt, instead of having to send gifts online to Brazil! You apparently know your partner’s routine and this way you can work out the hunt around their schedule. Stick sticky notes all over the place so that you can prompt your partner to their next destination. Place a thing that your partner had wanted since ages. It’s just that you are making them work for it!

To celebrate an anniversary doesn’t exactly have to be something where you have to spend an expensive amount, on some rich or lavish celebration or something of an elegant candlelight dinner at a 5-star hotel. Not only will your partner be happy, but they will understand how lovingly they have put it together!

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